hbo max ad plan

All indications point to HBO Max having some … concerns. HBO Max has yet to work out an offer with Roku or Amazon Fire, which is most likely cutting into subscribers.

Then there’s the price: $1499 which is quite steep for a streaming service.

According to Range, WarnerMedia is thinking about an ad-supported version of its HBO Max streaming service that “might possibly carry simply 2 to 4 minutes of marketing per viewing hour, a figure that would be less than the five minutes per hour that works on NBCUniversal’s Peacock and the 9 minutes per hour typically made use of on Disney’s Hulu.”

Should they go ahead with this concept, commercials are not likely to appear throughout HBO originals or more recent movies.

I have yet to register for HBO Max for 2 factors. One is that it’s not on Roku, which is what I utilize to stream stuff. The other is that it simply costs too damn much. Even this freshly discounted $1199 is too rich for my blood. I ‘d have to eliminate a various service I currently register for to make it work economically, and there’s no current service I belong to that I wish to axe at the minute.

So if HBO Max does launch an ad-supported version for an even more affordable price, I might lastly shoot. Don’t get me incorrect– I hate advertisements, however I dislike spending cash I don’t actually have much more. Naturally, none of this is main yet– WarnerMedia is merely thinking about the idea. We’ll likely know soon if they’re going to go ahead with it.

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