Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales – Issue #42

I’ve been getting a great reaction to last issue’s question about favorite print Do It Yourself publications and mail order brochures (see some below). The search continues!

LEGO Centering Jig

It's two. Two. Two tips in one.

It’s two.

Finder made of LEGO. Stick the pencils everywhere around the store.

Getting a Manage on Your Files

It can't fulfill its full tool destiny without a handle.

It can’t fulfill its full tool fate without a handle.

In this recent Cool Tools video, Sean Ragan makes the case for why you need to get a manage on those nekkid file tangs. He even creates and 3D prints his own handle (and includes the STL file).

Making an Awl from an Old Drill Bit

Awl you need is a drill bit.

Awl you require is a drill bit.

I love tasks like this for making basic, daily tools. You require a lathe to make a deal with like this, however if you do not have one, you could buy or recycle an existing deal with. I have actually never ever thought about repurposing an old, dull bit like this.


Increasing your reach.

Increasing your reach.

For my tool recommendation this week, I wanted to consider a tool that’s been a trusty companion for decades and my eyes right away landed on my Swingline long reach strong stapler I have actually had this monster since the 1980 s when I had a graphic style company. I have actually use it to saddle stitch numerous booklets and newsletters and to bind my early 1990 s zine, Going Gaga Since of my heavy participation in zine publishing in the 90 s, people getting into zine-making today typically ask me what tools they need. Besides a computer and a printer, you basically need a desktop guillotine paper cutter and one of these and you’re well on your way to being your own press.

Life Hacks

Padma Lakshmi shows how to fold and close a bag of chips without the requirement of a bulldog clip or rubber band. This could certainly be used on any kind of comparable bag. Via Boing Boing

Store Talk


Here are some of the print catalogs and Do It Yourself magazines that readers state they enjoy. More!

Earl Adams:

ARC Magazine – Free welding magazine from Lincoln Electric– exceptional articles about fascinating people, welding pointers, and jobs.

WAWAK — Monthly brochure of excellent sewing supplies, thread, zippers, scissors, etc. at great rates. Excellent customer support. Well worth registering for.

Springfield Leather – Industrial sewing machine catalog. Great tips and information on sewing machinery & products.

Rex Burkheimer:

Each is released on alternate months, six issues per year each. Worth every cent to subscribe.

Adam Palmer:

The Harken brochure It’s sailing equipment, mostly blocks and running gear, however there are a great deal of interesting attachment gadgets and ways to increase purchase that are useful beyond sailing.


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