The silver lining to President Trump’s misconceptions of purchasing Greenland is that unexpectedly everyone desires to visit. After Trump’s dream of buying the world’s largest island, which is vehemently not for sale, made headings, everyone started searching for the best way to check out the self-governing Danish territory in the Arctic before a Trump Tower was built there and messed up the place.

2 experience travel groups, Intrepid Travel and G Experiences, reported that interest in their Greenland tour plans leapt more than 200%today. In addition, Skift reports that See Greenland, the federal government’s tourism arm, saw a tenfold spike in traffic to its website as people fantasize of sailing through the icebergs of Scoresbysund and looking for the Northern Lights in Ittoqqortoormiit.

While Greenland might not have actually been prepared for its moment in the spotlight, it is making great use of it. Check out Greenland had been wanting to break the elusive North American traveler market, according to a rep who talked to Skift, and all the unasked-for promotion created by Trump’s dream delayed and subsequent choice to cancel a prepared journey to Denmark could be the secret. After all, Greenland is securely in the American discourse now, and Americans may be questioning what Greenland has to offer that Trump desires so extremely terribly.

According to Check Out Greenland, visitors would be in for an icy world filled with warm springs, hiking, cross-country skiing, and other Arctic adventures, in addition to Arctic gastronomy, an icy wonderland filled with splendid natural scenery, friendly individuals, and a culture that goes far back in history. That’s what Trump had an interest in, right? While the president may be requiring the U.S. economy to the verge of a recession, a minimum of he’s helping Greenland’s tourism industry boom.

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