The Tumultuous Story of Kanye West’s YEEZY up until now

It’s fair to state the flight to YEEZY Season 8 hasn’t been totally smooth cruising. Ever since Kanye West provided his very first fashion show at Paris Fashion Week in 2011, his relationship with the critics might be referred to as unpredictable, to state the least. Some collections have been labeled dazzling, others anything but. Something everyone agrees on is that the YEEZY circus is never ever boring.

Ahead of tonight’s Season 8 show, we take a look back at the YEEZY story up until now.

YEEZY Season 1

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The YEEZY roadshow started five years back at New york city Style Week. Virgil Abloh, Jerry Lorenzo, and a then-unknown Georgian by the name of Demna Gvasalia were but a few of the names to deal with West’s inaugural collection.

Developed in tandem with adidas Originals, West employed modern artist Vanessa Beecroft to manage the discussion, which saw designs and influencers– including a recently established Luka Sabbat– wear the clothing with the deadest of dead-eye stares. If the ambiance felt dystopian, that was the entire point; West claimed in his program notes that the collection was part-informed by the 2011 London riots.

” I was living in London at that time and saw the way that the kids wanted the clothes and I didn’t have actually the ability set to do the more affordable clothing,” West told the now-defunct Design.

Season 1, primarily favored by critics and the on-looking audience that included Jay-Z and Beyoncé, was an early signifier of the design codes– drapey silhouettes, soft color schemes, and military nods– that we ‘d come to connect with YEEZY. The most sought-after tennis shoe in the world at the time, the YEEZY Increase 750, and the then-unknown 350, would likewise be debuted in a main capability.

YEEZY Season 2

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When it was announced that adidas Originals would no longer be involved on the YEEZY apparel front, rumors was plentiful that a luxury Parisian style house would take control of production and distribution. This did not transpire. Instead, West would face a suit 2 years later when a sourcing agent claimed she was eliminated of the offer for collections 2, 3, and 4, with last arrangements made in between Turkish makers and the YEEZY holding business.

Not everybody was happy when West exposed his last-minute choice to show at New york city Fashion Week. Smaller sized designers complained how the media hoopla would detract attention from their presentations, which were going on at the same time. Maybe they had a point. Deep breath Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner (who was relegated to the 2nd row), Drake, Jaden Smith, Lorde, Riccardo Tisci, 2 Chainz, Tyga, Courtney Love, Seth Meyers, André Leon Talley, and Anna Wintour were simply a few of the names to participate in the sophomore New york city Fashion Week show.

As real-life drill sergeants called out groups of four design sets, commanding them to march, the clothes– not a world various from Season 1, with John Elliott stated to have played a huge function in the design — felt practically irrelevant. This was a demonstration of West’s power when it concerns commanding headings.

YEEZY Season 3

Highsnobiety/ Thomas Welch.

If Season 2 was attractive, Season 3 was from another stratosphere altogether.

20,000 people stuffed into Madison Square Garden while numerous millions more enjoyed on from theaters and laptops worldwide, as West unveiled his fashion program slash Life of Pablo gesamtkunstwerk.

West took to the sound cubicle with his laptop, flanked by the likes of Vic Mensa, Virgil Alboh, and Pusha T. Running through the album at ear-splitting volume, he then passed the aux cord to members of his team, who took turns picking tracks of their own.

Throughout the Beecroft-directed show– which was declared as West’s strongest to date and consisted of model turns from bubbling rappers like Lil Yachty and Young Hooligan– West thanked adidas for covering the venue fee. When members of the crowd started a chant of “Fuck Nike,” the rapper egged them on, before stopping short when one over-zealous attendee brought Michael Jordan’s name into it. “Not fuck Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan is our young boy,” West scolded. “I would not be here if it wasn’t for Michael Jordan. Regard Jordan.” This was an evening that would decrease in fashion history.

YEEZY Season 4

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How do you follow up an extravaganza like the Garden, exactly? West again aimed for the stars but instead incurred the wrath of just about every editor in New York with his hastily-planned, females’s only YEEZY Season 4 program.

Where anticipation ahead of YEEZY shows had hitherto been tempered, individuals had high hopes this time around, with the sense that West was beginning to win over his fashion detractors who formerly declared he must stay with music. That relationship was about to be strained once more. Visitors, consisting of Pharrell and Spike Jonze, received welcomes at 4: 30 a.m. and made their way to Roosevelt Island in New York City’s East River. The show happened in Four Liberties Park, a triangular grassy shopping mall that sits atop a marble staircase. Highsnobiety editorial director Jian DeLeon, who was in presence that day, explained the madness:

” Rising the staircase exposed the very first part of the program, another Beecroft phalanx of female designs in bodysuits, no doubt feeling the impact of the 85- degree day, where a clear sky made sunlight especially harsh. Some models passed out from heat fatigue, however soldiered on. At one point, a participant assisted a design with a bottle of water.

Model Amina Blue gave up about two-thirds into the runway and took off her stiletto heels. Thankfully, Bergdorf Goodman males’s style director Bruce Pask got out of his seat and assisted her to the end of the runway.

The sun might have been hot that day, but journalism fall-out was blistering. West attracted criticism not simply for the program’s poor execution, however the questionable casting call which requested for “NO MAKEUP” and “MULTIRACIAL WOMEN ONLY.” 4 years on, and Season 4 still ranks as one of the most notorious style shows given that the turn of the Millenium. In spite of that, a YEEZY representative claimed that, at the time, the collection was the most effective to date in terms of wholesale orders.

YEEZY Season 5

If Season 4 was a hot mess, Season 5 got things back on track.

A remixed song by The-Dream played as designs were beamed onto a three-story, four-sided LED screen before appearing personally (maybe a reaction to the truth people in presence at the MSG program grumbled that they couldn’t actually construct what was happening from the bleachers). The clothing was strong, moving away from the blanched “YEEZY soldier” scheme in favor of denim (for the very first time) and an altogether sportier aesthetic that introduced “Calabasas” and “Lost Hills” (at the time, this was reported to be the name of West’s collaborative album with Drake) branding. Along with GORE-TEX pieces, West also debuted the YEEZY Runner, his contribution to the then-burgeoning chunky sneaker market.

For streetwear kids who craved logo designs, this was the collection they had imagined. Fashion editors, on the other hand, were simply pleased they weren’t being overruled with sunburn.

YEEZY Season 6

Season 6 represented a departure for West. There was no accompanying live showcase for the first time– a New york city Fashion Week date was canceled and reports of a Paris proving stopped working to emerge. Instead, all of it went down on social media.

Heralded in some quarters as West’s smartest work to date, the accompanying campaign lookbook reproduced paparazzi shots of Kim Kardashian while out and about in Calabasas. Things got even more meta when a roll-call of Hollywood superstars including Paris Hilton, Amina Blue, Sarah Snyder, and adult starlet Lela Star– not to point out a host of less familiar faces– then copied Kardashian’s appearance, prior to plastering the results over Instagram ( which, according to The Style Law professional Julie Zerbo, was most likely prohibited). Screenshots of the posts– of which there were actually hundreds– then appeared in cities throughout Europe and North America.

” The experiment makes certain to surge online sales,” wrote Style at the time. “The sheer reach and like count of #yeezyseason 6 testifies to West’s skill at wrangling that other product: our collective attention.” Marketing 101, Kanye West design.

YEEZY Season 7

Season 7 was uncommon because it was something of a non-event. As soon as again, West utilized other half Kardashian as his ace in the hole, this time on the streets of Tokyo. Perhaps having had their fingers burnt by the dirty legalese that surrounded Season 6, there was no follow-up by their star pals. Still, if the public response was muted, then a minimum of the clothes fizzled, showing up in neon-colors antithetical to the dour palette traditionally associated with the brand.

How can a verified account represent Yeezy with false details. You do NOT work for Yeezy and NOT connected. How are you gon na think an account that publishes phony color methods G7u

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) March 6, 2018

Yet nothing ever runs entirely smoothly in the world of YEEZY.

YEEZY Season 8

YEEZY revealed its 8th collection during an off-schedule runway show at Paris Fashion Week.

Following cues from an invite that consisted of “rattlesnake eggs,” West took editors to the futuristic Espace Niemeyer– home of the French Communist Party– developed by renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer.

The collection was sparse, with a total of 18 looks and no menswear. It was a familiar vibe of post-apocalyptic athleisure, cropped coats, puffas, bras, and windbreakers– all in the soft green, yellow, and beige colorways of YEEZY’s previous seasons– with puffa boots and slides on foot.

For the very first time, there was also a graphic tee.

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